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What does it really mean when you talk about building maintenance? The concept is, in short, a collective name for an approach where one values creating and maintaining a sustainable living environment. This is how the Swedish Building Maintenance Association summarizes the concept:

“Building maintenance is an approach where you build, develop and renovate with materials, constructions and methods that create lasting value for houses and people.”

This also sums up our great passion here at Speedheater – for us it’s important that we are helped to shape a sustainable future where we nurture and take care of our living environments and recycle materials, restore buildings and recycle furniture when we have the opportunity. It’s a wonderful feeling to restore and give new life to an old building, furniture or window.

With our products, you can eco-friendly, non-toxic, quickly and easily remove paint from your exteriors and interiors without having to worry about damaging the surface.

Building maintenance, renovation and restoration – What’s the difference?

Renovation = Improve the condition of something

The word renovate comes from the Latin word for “to renew”. It can be about restoration, but also includes rebuilding, improving or tidying up. When you renovate, you don’t have to be faithful to the original, but just renovate, regardless of material choice and methods.

Restoration = Restoring something to its original condition

The word restore comes from the Latin word for “to restore”. It’s mainly used in art, interior design and architecture, but can also be used when talking about, for example, nature conservation or physical recovery. When restoring, you try to be true to the origin, ie use the same type of color and material as it was from the beginning.

Building maintenance = Caring for and restoring buildings

Building maintenance is the restoration of buildings, both exterior and interior.

The goal is often to use circular materials instead of new building materials, as well as to restore buildings and furnishings to more closely resemble its original design. Construction techniques, renovation methods and tools are also often chosen with care from a sustainability perspective.

Choose the right method to remove the old paint

Whether you are restoring a piece of furniture or an entire house, it’s important to remove the old paint in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and gentle way to reach the surface. Dry scrapers often cause scratches, solvents are rarely good for the environment and heat guns can both damage the substrate and release toxic substances. All this goes against the purpose of building maintenance.

Speedheater may be the solution for you. An eco-friendly paint removal method that gently removes the paint without damaging the substrate. You don’t need to use toxic solvents, and no toxins are released that are bound in, for example, lead paint. The Infrared light also dries up moisture, of course in wood but also other materials such as concrete.

It is also much faster than other paint removal methods, plus you also get rid of glue residue, seals, varnish, etc.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide. The approach is the same whether you are renovating detailed wood carvings or entire facades.

Byggnadsvård av dörrar

Gentle color removal step by step

Ta bort färg med IR

Step 1

Heat the paint using infrared light

Hold the IR lamp briefly over the area you want to remove the paint from. You see almost immediately that the paint reacts.

Unlike a classic heat gun, no hazardous substances are released from the heated paint. The IR light also enters the nooks and crannies with ease, which means that, for example, even carved wooden furniture can be entirely stripped down to the wood. In addition to paint, IR also removes old window putty, varnish, glue etc.

When used correctly, the heat will never be so high that you, for example, burn wood or crack window glass.

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Färgborttagning med infravärme

Step 2

Scrape off the soft paint

The IR radiation passes through several layers of paint, often all the way down to the substrate in a heating. The heat is high enough to soften the paint, but not so high that it releases toxic substances in the paint or burns wood surfaces. The soft paint is easy to scrape off and you don’t have to put hard pressure on the surface, which means that it’s not scratched or damaged by the paint scraper.

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Måla fasad och fönster

Step 3

Repaint immediately

Because you can work without solvents and the surface is dry and clean after scraping, no waiting time is needed before you can start painting on a new paint. Fast, smooth and gives a fantastic end result!

Instructional video - Exterior

Instructional video - Windows

Instructional video - Interior

Instructional video - Furniture

Eco-friendly, non-toxic paint removal with Speedheater’s IR technology

Building maintenance and renovation of facades, windows and furniture requires time and patience, but with our tools the work becomes efficient and minimizes the risks for both you, what you restore and the environment. Working with dry scrapers and toxic solvents is unnecessarily tiring, risky and also risks destroying the substrate with scratches. And heating paint with a classic heat gun can release toxins in the old paint, such as lead fumes.

Speedheater does not use any solvent and does not release bonds to old toxins. It is also very gentle on the underlying material, which is incredibly important in any type of restoration.

Gently bring out the original material

The infrared light gently brings out the original structure on the substrate. The IR heat also dries up moisture and extends the life and durability of the wood. The heat is not so high that you (if used correctly) burn wood or crack glass. Paint removal with IR is thus the best way to get a completely clean wooden surface that is as similar to the original design as possible.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and flexible technology for building caretakers

Using infrared technology when removing paint is gentle on both you and the environment. With our products, you don’t have to handle chemicals and strain both your work environment and our common living environment. Our IR technology ensures that the paint removal is free of toxic fumes. Not only that – our products are very high quality, have long durability and will help you during many renovations in the future.

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