Our unbeatable method of paint stripping

Bring your furniture, boat, or house back to life with simple and effective paint stripping with the Speedheater IR System. This method means less work for you as a user and better results. It is also more environmentally friendly, safer and more affordable than any other method on the market. Whether you’re removing paint from a window, boat, door or anything else, our method is unbeatable in all applications. We give you 6 reasons why our paint removal method is unique compared to all other methods on the market.

1. Fastest method of paint stripping

No other method can remove paint, putty and varnish faster than Speedheater’s IR lamp. The more layers of paint, the faster our method is compared to all other methods.

  • Speedheater IR vs Chemicals: Working with chemicals is slowing down and new environmental laws are making it an increasingly inefficient method of paint removal.
  • Speedheater IR vs Heat gun: A heat gun is ineffective on large surfaces and dry scraping is a time-consuming method that makes it difficult to remove all the paint. Instead, with a Speedheater, all layers of paint are softened in just a few seconds. The temperature is much lower with IR which also drastically reduces the risk of damaging the surface, and you.

Here’s another example to further illustrate just how fast our method is: our IR light is able toremove both putty and paint on the outside of a window sash without glazing bars in about 15 minutes. The Speedheater is the fastest method on the market, allowing you to save valuable time for other things.

2. Easier to strip paint than all other methods

Paint stripping with the Speedheater is just as easy and safe to use for both individuals and professionals. Heat the surface of paint, move the Speedheater to the next surface and easily scrape the paint off the previously heated surface.

Other methods such as chemical treatment, hot air guns and dry scraping often require careful planning and preparation before work can begin. This is because high temperatures and hazardous substances are released during paint removal, making it difficult for the user. When you invest in a Speedheater, you can rest assured that you have chosen the easiest, safest and most effective method of paint removal on the market.

3. Eco-friendly and gentle paint removal

An environmental approach permeates all our activities and we aim to constantly reduce our impact on the environment. The problem with paint removal is that many methods are hazardous to health and have a high environmental impact. The Speedheater is gentle on the material, nature and not least your health as it provides a dust-free and quiet working environment. With the low temperature of the Speedheater, no toxic substances are released, unlike dry scraping or heat guns which have a very high temperature. Chemical paint stripping is also common, but is associated with high health risks and can shorten the life of the new paint. Why risk your health when there is a method that is good for both the environment and your health?

4. Most affordable – long shelf life

The increased lifetime of the paint together with the many applications and the low energy consumption, make the Speedheater IR System the most affordable method of paint removal. Chemical paint stripping removes one or a few layers of paint at a time and most houses have between 10 to 20 layers. Therefore, the treatment has to be repeated more than once which results in higher costs than a treatment with the Speedheater IR System. Hot air guns are inefficient with a small heating surface and dry scraping damages the wood surface and does not remove all the paint, resulting in an uneven result and shorter durability.

5. Gives an unbeatable result

No other paint removal method produces such a clean, dry and smooth wood surface as the Speedheater. The method gently brings out the original structure and extends the life and durability of the wood. Traditional methods usually give a very uneven result, reducing the life of the paint and the risk of developing mold spores. With our gentle method of paint removal, you get an unbeatable result and a clean wood surface without any risk to you, the environment or the material.

6. Most uses

Is it time to repaint your outdoor furniture, boat, facade or maybe the window? As a homeowner, a Speedheater is something of a multi-tool, if it is not paint that needs to be removed, it may be moisture damage that needs to be addressed. No other method of paint stripping can do as much as a Speedheater. It dries out moisture from both wood and concrete and has the ability to kill mold and fungal spores in the same material. It has such a wide range of functions that it is as essential to the homeowner’s toolbox as a sander or drill. Whether you are removing paint from your house, boat, furniture or windows, you can use our Speedheater IR System.

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