Speedheater – Paint removal with IR

Eco-friendly, effective and gentle paint removal with infrared heat. Our invention has changed the face of paint removal worldwide in recent decades.

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The Speedheater Cobra is featured on the Swedish TV show, “Hjälp, vi har köpt en bondgård!” [Help, we bought a farm!] on Sveriges Television

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“As someone who’s currently in the paint removal process, I refuse to do anything without some sort of heating tool. I wouldn’t even think to touch old paint without a machine like this. It makes the job so much easier!”

Brita Zachari

Incredibly fast!

“The design is incredible! It works incredibly fast, offers great balance, and it’s easy and convenient to use, not to mention the fact it’s completely silent.”

Håkan Pettersson / P&A Byggmåleri AB, Trollhättan

The Cobra beats the competition!

“The Cobra is in a class of its own, and it’s fast and versatile.”

Mats Magnander / GBG Måleridesign AB, Göteborg



No other paint removal method can measure up to the Speedheater IR System.

Speedheater System is an expansive company offering the latest paint removal technology. Whether you’re repainting an exterior or boat or wanting to renovate some old windows or furniture, our method delivers consistent, high-quality results. Our method means less work for you and gives you a better end product thanks to how gentle it is on surfaces. Removing paint with IR is also more environmentally friendly, safer, and often more affordable than most other methods, regardless of application. Additionally, our machines are perfect for removing glue, putty, and varnish – we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure your renovations go as smoothly as possible. With so much flexibility, the possibilities are endless!

Environmentally friendly paint removal

With Speedheater’s IR System, you can remove paint in an environmentally friendly way without any need for chemicals, and the heat from the infrared light never gets hot enough to release hazardous substances into the air, such as lead in old paint. Now you can remove paint in a way that’s gentle to both the environment and yourself. Our machines also consume approximately 75% less power than a traditional heat gun.

Effective paint removal

Our products let you gently remove paint down to the surface in just a few seconds. The final product of any painting project always depends on the base layer of paint. Once the paint has warmed up and softened, it becomes easy to scrape off without damaging the surface.

Research-based paint removal with infrared heat

Several years of research act as the foundation for the machines and tools we produce today. We are proud to be able to offer an environmentally friendly paint removal option that is 100% chemical-free. Unlike many other methods, our IR method is completely vibration-free, dust-free, and quiet. So whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a professional painter, get the job done with professional results!

Gentle paint removal – perfect for property maintenance

Property maintenance is something near and dear to our hearts. Our core values are based on reusing, renovating, and working in an environmentally friendly way. The actual method of removing paint with infrared heat allows us to work with low temperatures (110-160 degrees), which means no hazardous substances are released into the air. It’s also easy to get through many paint layers that have been built up over many decades. That means you get a clean wood surface, letting you restore buildings to their former glory.


Our products can be used for a lot more than just removing paint off of wood, metal and plastic. Below you’ll find several different categories, where we explain how you can simplify the prep work before repainting your house, renovating windows, scraping off the base layer of paint from your boat or removing flaky paint and varnish from your favorite piece of furniture.


Retailers of Speedheater IR systems, paint scrapers and blades

Find Speedheater in a store near you!

Speedheater IR Systems are available for purchase in a variety of stores and retailers across Northern Europe and the United States. We are proud of all our retailers! Looking to rent a Speedheater? Speedheater IR systems are also available through rental companies. We’ve done everything we can to make removing paint as easy and environmentally friendly as possible for you. Use the list below to conveniently find a store near you.

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      Speedheater Cobra

      399.00 $

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      Speedheater - IR system - SH 700 Cobra

      Verktygskit fönster

      89 $

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      Speedheater window tool kit
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      Speedheater Rapid Slim

      669.00 $

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      Speedheater System Rapid Slim IR Light

      Speedheater Classic Arm

      335 $

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      Speedheater - Classic Arm
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      Speedheater Standard

      599 $

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      Speedheater Standard paint removal with IR

      Speedheater Cobra

      399.00 $

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      Speedheater - IR system - SH 700 Cobra


      Speedheater Standard

      599 $

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      Speedheater Standard paint removal with IR

      Speedheater Cobra

      399.00 $

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      Speedheater - IR system - SH 700 Cobra