Speedheater Standard

The Speedheater IR System Standard is an effective and easy-to-use all-in-one solution for paint removal of both interiors and exteriors. Our unique scraper tool and IR heater make it fast and efficient to soften and remove paint from most wood surfaces. Includes a profile scraper, board scraper & angle support.


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of high quality produced in Sweden, Alingsås! Very inspiring.

Magnus Blad
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Easy paint removal with the IR light!

The Speedheater Standard is the original, revolutionary tool for removing paint from everything from large surfaces, like house exteriors, to small, detailed wood pieces. With its IR heater, paint comes off surfaces quickly and gently, allowing you to scrape off the paint almost effortlessly. The original Speedheater is the ultimate tool for everyone, whether you’re repainting doors or drying out moisture from wood or concrete!

Specifications, Speedheater Standard

CE: In compliance with EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45 standards.
Connection: Standard single-phase grounded outlet.
Cord: 3 x 1.5 sq. mm rubber cord, 2.5-m long
Volt: 220 – 240
Watt: 1,100
Amp: 4.8
Weight: approximately 1,950 g
Dimensions: L = 360 mm, W = 180 mm, H = 200 mm
Overheat protection.
Protects the device’s components from overheating
Heating element: 2 x 550 Watt IR tubes
Heating area: 310 x 125 mm
Angle support included.
Instruction manual/safety instructions:
Angle support included
Weight 3,5 kg
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EU, US, UK220, UK110, Oceanien


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