Non-toxic boat renovation with gentle and safe paint & varnish removal

There can be various reasons why it’s time to renovate a boat. Maybe it’s time for a refresh before the summer or is it in need of a complete renovation? A renovation can be a bit complicated, especially if the boat has a color with toxic substances such as biocides. On this page we have collected a lot of tips and important things to think about.

There are many methods to remove paint but it’s difficult to beat Speedheater’s IR technology which solves the job in a non-toxic and much faster way than other methods. Speedheater’s IR system removes several coats of paint and varnish in just a few seconds. In addition, you do not have to worry about dangerous fumes, released toxins or risk damaging the surface.

Renovate the boat without releasing toxins into the environment

Caring for our environment and our water is an extremely important part when it comes to the renovation. Many boats are painted with a paint that is dangerous for both you and the environment, especially if it contains biocides.

What are biocides? Biocides are a pesticide to control harmful organisms. It is very effective against the growth of, for example, algae and barnacles on the hull, but if the biocides are released into the water, they can damage other aquatic organisms. Today there are primers without biocides, or you can mechanically, for example by hand, remove the growth a few times each season. But very many boats still have paint with these dangerous substances in it.

We at Speedheater offer paint removal with IR systems that ensures that any toxic substances such as biocides or lead in the paint are never released. You also do not need a solvent or similar. Safe for both you and the environment. And not only that – our paint removal technology is gentle and minimizes the risk of damage to the surface.

Without harmful colors on your boat, the risks of toxic substances that harm the aquatic environment and also of people who take a bath or stay nearby that may otherwise be exposed to the toxic substances are reduced. Old crackled colors also gives the boat less speed.

Regardless if you are a professional or a beginner, Speedheater’s products will help you remove paint quickly, efficiently and non-toxic! We have the tools you need to best prepare the material and work your way through both narrow nooks and crannies – or large areas – quickly. You don’t have to worry about damaging the surface or being exposed to hazardous fumes while working. Good, isn’t it?

Tips for boat renovation

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Preventive care

Careful renovation work and maintenance keeps both the boat and the environment in good condition

  • Keep the hull free from vegetation through non-toxic methods, such as mechanical cleaning, hull cloth, storage on land, etc.
  • Choose a boat with a clean hull. In order for it to be classified as completely clean, hull-clean, it is required that it has never been painted with toxic bottom paints or that the boat has been decontaminated from all old paint layers. If you have previously painted it and then stopped painting it, the old color remains.

  • The best thing you can do for health and the environment, if your boat is hull-clean, is to choose a biocide-free method to protect the hull from growth, e.g. brush washing, other mechanical cleaning, hull cloth etc.

  • Paint with a primer that protects against moisture.

  • Paint the upper layer with a qualitative biocide-free paint that forms a hard surface, which benefits the mechanical cleaning and reduces the environmental impact.

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Remove old antifouling and varnish

Efficient, non-toxic and gentle paint & varnish removal

  • The removal of paint and varnish must be done in an environmentally and health-safe way, with the right equipment and protective measures. Without these precautions, there is a risk that the toxic particles is going to affect both the environment and the health of the person performing the work. If the paint is removed incorrectly, it can have a greater environmental and health impact than leaving the biocides on the hull.
  • It’s also important that the person performing the work protects himself, e.g. by wearing covering clothing, gloves and respiratory protection.
  • The paint residues are counted as hazardous waste (especially if they contain biocides) and must be collected and handed in at the nearest recycling center. Also keep in mind to change work clothes on site as soon as you are done.
  • The preparatory work is a must for a successful boat renovation. Therefore, it’s important to use tools and methods that not only facilitates but also make the work efficient and fun.
  • Use Speedheater’s paint scrapers and heating systems to soften and scrape off large batches of paint at once. It can’t be more efficient than that.
  • Speedheater works with a unique IR technology that heats the surface so that the paint easily releases without releasing toxic fumes or risking damaging the surface. We have several different sizes of our heating systems and smart suspension arms that make your work even easier. Both hands are free for scraping and while you are scraping, the next surface heats up.

Watch our instructional video further down this page for a thorough review of how to proceed with your renovation with Speedheater’s products.

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To consider

Renovation tips for an eco-friendly boat renovation

  • Cover the work area with plastic, so that you can easily collect all waste (such as paint flakes, grinding dust, grinding water, organic waste and worn-out protective equipment).

  • If you scrape the bottom of the boat yourself, you’ll have to collect all the residues from the scraping and take them to a recycling centre. Keep in mind to check the local environmental regulations in your municipality.

  • If the scraping is carried out professionally in Sweden, special rules from the Swedish Work Environment Authority apply.

  • Avoid painting your boat with antifouling that contains biocides, as they have negative effects on health and the environment.
  • In Sweden, there are regulations for the colours that are allowed in different waters and municipalities. For more information, we recommend that you contact the Swedish Transport Agency and your municipality for guidance.

Instructional video - renovate boat

Speedheater’s IR technology makes boat renovation fast and non-toxic

Boat renovation requires time and patience, but with our tools the work becomes efficient and minimizes the risks for both you, your boat and the environment. Working with scrapers and toxic solvents is unnecessarily tiring, risky and also risks destroying the substrate with scratches. In many cases, there are many layers of toxic paints and varnishes on the boat, especially if it’s old, and this places high demands on the chosen paint removal method both in terms of efficiency and safety.

Flexible tools that minimise the risk of damage to the substrate

With Speedheater you can quickly soften and remove many coats of paint and varnish at the same time. With our products, you can gently remove paint all the way down to the surface in just a few seconds. It is always the bottom layer of paint that will determine how good the result on future paint layers will be. When paint and varnish have warmed up, it becomes soft and easy to scrape off without damaging the surface.

Paint immediately without waiting

In just a few minutes, the surface is clean and paintable. The technology we have developed means that the surface immediately after the treatment is dry and normally temperate, which means that you avoid waiting time and can paint immediately!

Eco-friendly and sustainable technologies for boat renovation

Using infrared technology when removing paint is gentle on both you and the environment. With our products, you don’t have to handle chemicals and strain both your work environment and our common living environment. Our IR technology ensures that the paint removal is free of toxic fumes. Not only that – our products are very high quality, have long durability and will help you during many renovations in the future.

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