Gently, quickly and easily remove paint from wood

When it’s time to repaint an exterior or other surface, it’s important to completely remove all old paint. There are many differet methods to remove paint, and new technology has made it easier. The most common method is to use heat to remove paint using a heat gun that works at a very high temperature. What a lot of people don’t know is that the high temperature damages wood and has a negative impact on the user’s health. That’s why Speedheater developed a method that is easy to use and that doesn’t damage the wood or the user. The solution was the Speedheater IR System, which has now become the unbeatable method for removing paint with heat that’s faster, easier and more environmentally friendly.

Learn more about paint removal with IR

Here you can learn more about the popular method of removing paint using infrared light. Every since we invented the very first IR-light prototype for paint removal in the year 1985, interest has steadily increased. No wonder since the method successfully removes paint without chemicals, toxic fumes or damaging surfaces, not to mention the added bonus of being able to repaint the surface immediately without any wait time.

Speedheater gives you long durability and has a wide range of uses, from large exteriors to small woodworking. That makes it a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time with house renovation, furniture restoration or repurposing. All of our products are available on our online store or at any of our Speedheater retailers across Sweden. Additionally, they’re also available to rent in many parts of the country. No matter your budget, try out thisenvironmentally friendly, safe and effective method for paint removal for yourself!

Remove paint with an IR light

Heat paint using infrared light

Hold the IR light briefly over the area you want to remove paint from. You’ll see almost immediately that the paint will begin to react.

Unlike a traditional heat gun, no hazardous substances are released from the heated paint. The IR light also penetrates into nooks and crannies easily, which means that even carved wooden furniture can be completely stripped down to its wooden structure. In addition to paint, IR also removes old window putty, varnish, glue, etc.

remove paint

Scrape off the softened paint

IR radiation penetrates several layers of paint, often all the way down to the underlying surface in one go. The heat is high enough to soften the paint, but not high enough to release toxins from the paint or burn wood surfaces. The softened paint scrapes off almost effortlessly, which means there’s no risk of scratching or damaging the underlying surface with the paint scraper.

Repaint clean wood surfaces

Repaint right away

Since no solvent is needed and because the surface is already dry and smooth after scraping, there’s no need to wait before repainting.

Why is it important to remove old paint?

If you paint directly on top of old, peeling paint, your new coat of paint won’t last very long, and the end result won’t look as good as it could otherwise. By quickly and easily removing old paint using heat, you’ll save yourself a lot of future headache. To ensure your new paint lasts and protects the underlying surface, it’s important to be thorough with all the prep work in order to achieve long-lasting, beautiful results. Remove outdoor paint faster and more efficiently with our unbeatable method, which save you time and energy.

Important to keep in mind when removing paint

  • Do not damage the surface
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Use an environmentally friendly method
  • Choose a safe & gentle method

Heat and remove paint with the Speedheater IR System

Repainting your house and looking for an efficient method to remove paint off of wood? No other paint removal method is more efficient than the Speedheater System. Our method means less work for you, while achieving higher quality results and longer-lasting durability. It’s also more environmentally friendly, safer and more affordable than all other methods. And the Speedheater is a multi-tool that can be used for so much more than just removing paint. Find out more about the Speedheater IR System HERE

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Speedheater is a company that develops, manufactures and sells products and system solutions for putty, varnish and paint removal. We are a company that strives at every stage to facilitate and streamline our method for paint removal. The Speedheater IR System is a method that is more environmentally friendly, safer and more affordable than all other methods for removing paint. Feel free to get in touch for a free quote on our unbeatable method for heating and removing paint from exteriors, boats, furniture and cars.

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page Quick View

Speedheater IR System

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