Tips for choosing the right paint scraper

Are you looking for an effective paint scraper for a renovation project you’re planning? When it comes to renovating, prep work on the front end and finishing touches on the back end are both essential for achieving the best possible restuls. In order for paint to adhere properly, it is important for the surface to be clean, dry and solid. Otherwise, you risk having the paint simply act as a layer over moisture and dirt, causing it to peel over time. That is why it is important to choose an effective method and a scraper that is specially designed for the work you’re doing. So, which paint scraper should you choose? Here, you’ll find tips on which paint scrapers work for different types of maintenance work, as well as good advice on our different scrapers.

First, let’s take a look at the models we offer that are specially designed to scrape off heated paint:

Paint scrapers for heated paint:

  • Flexi-scraper – for fine details and a flexible selection of blade profiles.
  • Profile scraper – for simple joinery. Features concave scraping blades to fit curved profiles.
  • Boomerang scraper – for finer details. Features both concave and convex blades, as well as pointed corners to reach small corners. Suitable for many different surfaces.
  • Board scraper – perfect for quickly scraping flat surfaces. Features three flat blade inserts that quickly remove paint.
  • Putty scraper – perfect for scraping glass, window pane grooves, etc. Features a blade insert that follows glass’s shiny surface and leaves behind very little residue.
  • Putty chisel – tool that pairs great with the putty scraper. Effectively removes putty from window sashes. A chisel with an adjustable support wheel that rolls along the window sash, ensuring the right depth without damaging the glass.

Developed for IR technology

Choosing a qualitative scraping method means significantly increasing the lifespan of your paint compared to traditional paint scrapers. Speedheater offers paint scrapers that are developed around IR technology that softens paint layers all the way down to the wood surface. Our method is easy to use and does not harm the environment, the surface or the user. The solution was the Speedheater IR System, which has now become the unbeatable method for removing paint with heat that’s faster, easier and more environmentally friendly. With the goal of enabling users to restore their windows without the risk of cracking the glass, we also developed a method and paint scraper that are specially designed to minimize the risk of damaging windows. Learn more about our unbeatable method HERE

Paint scraper for dry scraping

In 99 out of 100 cases, it is highly recommended that you heat paint before scraping it. Not only does it make for a gentler paint removal process that protects the underlying surface, it also requires much less arm strength. However, in some cases, dry scraping is still the best option. And that is why we recently developed an ergonomically designed two-handed scraper for dry scraping with unique angles, 8 blade inserts and extra handles, so you get a lot of power in every stroke, without having to worry about slipping and damaging the surface. It is completely unique in its design and is a very good alternative to traditional dry scrapers.

Keep this in mind when scraping paint:

  • Choose a paint scraper that does not damage the surface
  • Heat the paint thoroughly before scraping
  • Choose a paint scraper that is adapted to the work
  • Lift and lower the scraper for each new stroke

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