Facade renovation

Is it time to repaint the house or any other facade? To succeed in facade painting the groundwork is essential. By scraping off all the old paint, you’ll get a smooth, beautiful result that will last for years to come. With

Speedheaters IR system


paint scrapers

you can easily and gently scrape off the paint without damaging the wood underneath. Learn more about how to proceed when you renovates the facade in our step-by-step guide.

Step by step

Facade renovation – here’s how!


Step 1

Prepare for paint removal

  • If the paint on the facade is very dry, it may be a good idea to oil the facade with accelerator oil at least one day in advance. The oil causes the paint to react quickly with Speedheater’s IR radiation
  • If it’s windy, put up a tarpaulin for protection so that the wind doesn’t reduce the output of your Speedheater. You may also want to put a tarpaulin underneath where you’re going to scrape to make it easier to collect the scraped paint when you’re done.
  • Make sure you have extinguishing equipment, such as a fire extinguisher or water hose, close at hand according to hot work rules.
skrapa bort färg fasad

Step 2

Scrape facade

  • Heat the paint until it bubbles and smokes, the idea is for the heat to do the job, not you. First, heat the surface up close and adjust the distance on your Speedheater while scraping the facade to maintain the heat in the paint.
  • Start from the top down and finish one part at a time. Profilefirst and then you take the smooth surfaces.
  • The deeper your profiles, the greater the distance you should keep with your Speedheater when heating, but for a longer time. If there is wood next to where you want to heat or if there is something else you want to protect, use a piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminium foil, hold it over the surface you want to protect and heat the paint you want to remove.
  • Scrape off the paint on the facade in the direction of the wood fibres.
  • Once you’ve scraped the paint off the facade, it’s a good idea to sand down any paint residue or “thorns” on the surface with a sandpaper. This is best done before the base coat, if the base coat is done first, wait at least 4 days for the paint to dry properly and then go over with sandpaper.
  • Be sure to sand away any grey wood where it has been unprotected from the elements .
måla om hus

Step 3

Repaint your house

  • Mask the surfaces that are not to be painted with products suitable for outdoor use.
  • Prime immediately after scraping and sanding to protect the wood from moisture and UV light. UV light breaks down the lignin in the wood, resulting in poorer adhesion during painting.
  • Repaint your house in the desired colour. Start with the panel and finish with the lining and knots.
  • Collect the scraped-off paint and return it to an environmental station, as old paint often contains lead.

Tutorial (video) - exterior paint removal

Why is Speedheater the most effective tool for facade renovation?

The Speedheater IR system processes the paint right down to the wood surface so that all paint is softened and can be easily scraped off. Using a suspension arm, you can heat paint on one surface, then move the arm with your Speedheater to start heating paint on the next surface while you scrape off the already heated paint. This makes your working position easier and you can work more than twice as fast. Speedheater’s machines and tools can also be used to renovate doors, your porch, stairs, garage door etc. So you can take it all in one go!

Speedheater is not only the simplest and most effective method of scraping off paint, it is also gentle on the wood and environmentally friendly. Many other paint-boring methods are both hazardous to health and have a high environmental impact. Thanks to Speedheater’s low temperature and specific IR wavelength, no hazardous substances are released when you heat up the paint, unlike a hot air gun or dry scraping where small particles drift around in the air. Paint removal (action)/Paint remover (product)with chemicals are also not uncommon, but even this poses significant environmental and health risks.

With our tools, you also get a completely clean, dry and smooth surface, so you can start painting right away and get a great result with unbeatable durability.

Renovate house facade – Tips

  • Be sure to wash your hands before the coffee break. The dust and flakes from the paint may contain lead. You don’t want that in you!
  • Grind the scrapers often for efficient and easy work.
  • Scrape while heating the next batch using a

    suspension arm

  • Don’t paint when it’s too hot outside or if the sun is out. When the wood is warm, the paint dries too quickly and can start to flake.
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