Boomerang Scraper

Paint scraper for detailed woodwork

High-quality scraper for efficient paint removal of heated paint. A boomerang scraper is perfect on more intricate profiles, like furniture and windows. It is designed to use on more detailed woodwork, such as window sashes, panel doors, baseboards with detailing and furniture. The scraper features an ergonomically designed handle that makes paint removal even easier for you. The different angles of the blade make it a highly versatile tool.


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of high quality produced in Sweden, Alingsås! Very inspiring.

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High-quality paint scraper for woodwork

Speedheater’s boomerang scraper is designed to make paint removal as effortless as possible, while protecting wood surfaces. The scraper’s different angles work on a wide range of profiles, making paint removal efficient and easy on carved, detailed and angled wood pieces. Additionally, the backside of the blade can be sharpened, which also preserves the blade’s unique profiles on its front. The boomerang scraper features both concave and convex blade edges as well as pointed corners to get into small nooks and crannies. Suitable for many different surfaces. The unique shape makes easy work out of everything from narrow nooks and curved edges to open surfaces. Its ergonomic handle enables optimum form while you work. When the blade dulls, it’s easy to sharpen or switch out with our replacement boomerang blades.

Boomerang scraper tips and tricks

  • Make sure the paint is properly heated
  • Only sharpen the backside of the blade
  • Lift and lower the scraper before each new stroke

For scraping window sashes, detailed woodwork and small profiles.

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