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Remove paint and putty in no time! Window renovation has never been easier!

Remove paint and putty from a regular window without mullions in just 15 minutes. Any loose putty, peeling paint or moisture in the window sash will only be a memory. A professional renovation of your windows will cost you around €200 per piece, and installing new windows is a considerable investment. With the Speedheater System RS and the accompanying tools you can remove paint from windows yourself, safely and easily, while saving a lot of money. The Speedheater IR System processes both putty and paint in the same phase, softening it all the way down to the wood surface at the first treatment. At the same time, any moisture in the window sash is dried out. The low temperature reduces the risk of the glass breaking. The window tools simplify the paint scraping work and minimize the need for any further refinement.

Speedheater IR System

Speedheater Cobra