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Smart renovation of interiors. Effective paint removal

It is nice to be able to quickly paint strip and repaint a beautiful piece of furniture or other interiors? You might have a table with worn varnish or outdated paint work, or a cupboard that has been repainted too many times. Nothing needs to be replaced in order to give your home a new style. With the Speedheater IR System Standard you can easily remove paint and do a fast and fun renovation of the things you already have. You will save a lot of money and reduce environmental impact at the same time.
The Speedheater IR System is a fast method for removing paint. You will work through paint and varnish all the way down to the wood surface in 60 seconds. The arched profiles of the paint scrapers won’t damage the surface, and reduce the need for further refinement.

Speedheater IR System

Speedheater Cobra